Monday, April 25, 2022

Met with Brian Sliwinski, Mike Baird and Scott at Leo’s Coney this morning.

Attended the Coffee with Colleagues this morning. Allen was in the Turks Cacaos. His girlfriend’s friend teaches there. He shared pictures. Jim just published a dungeons and dragons book. Mathew showed a picture of Sophia’s latest cake. Dinosaurs. Marty showed a picture of a new born quarter horse colt.

Attended the Management Team meeting.

Talked to Natalie about the contract terms. Asked her about Flint being a case study fro Regrid. She said they won an RFP in 2016 to build a website and mobile app for the city. They don’t really use it. She felt Regrid is a compliment to Dynamo. Cuyahoga Falls is listed as a Tolemy user. Luca County is listed as a Regrid user.