Munetrix Municipal EditionMunetrix provides easy-to-use and quickly deployable solutions for both schools and municipalities, providing the complete picture of a community’s health and performance. Munetrix’s algorithms take a handful of critical measures and runs dozens of calculations to generate a numerical value that provides a high level look at a community’s fiscal health. Vovlo Penta LogoDeveloped an Powertrain Engineering Workload Model for Vovlo Trucks, Renault Trucks, Construction Equipment, and Marine Engines.
Ford LogoFeasibility/Hardpoints Management System was an application designed for the Ford Motor Company. A tool that provided an online framework to manage the total clay process. It lists studies associated with each major commodity and provides 1 mechanism to track progress/open issues. A consensus among affected design, engineering, and manufacturing personnel that a vehicle, system, partial subsystem, subsystem, or part design can be manufactured and/or assembled within process control limits and achieving objectives established individually or collectively for those activities (derived from the 18-Panel Objectives). IRPS LogoThe Integrated Resource Planning System (IRPS) was a web-based database to store the GM Powertrain data for:
  • Product Portfolio Plan Dot and Box Charts showing Model Year existence for Vehicles and Powertrains Volumes at VPPC/Model Year level
  • Powertrain penetrations at the UMD level
  • Bubble Charts
  • Cadence Charts
  • Demand & Capacity Charts plotting the Demand (Volumes) against the plant capacity for engines and transmissions
Comerica Bank LogoThe Construction Draw Database was the conversion of a shoe box (literally) accounting system for customer construction loan draws and deposits. The final product was a user-friendly, muli-tuser application to track all aspects of the construction loan transaction.Comerica Bank LogoThe Compromised Card Database was the conversion of an Excel-based solution for credit cards that had been compromised. The multi-user application took daily downloads from credit authorizing companies and tracked the status of cards through the legal and customer notification departments.

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