Monday, February 8, 2021

Seth’s blog today was titled, “Toward Nimble“. Is ‘nimble’ a good thing? Should we seek to be flexible, resilient and quick to be able to shift and adapt? Because often, it seems as though we work to create an environment where it’s difficult indeed to be nimble. We buy expensive assets, lock into long-term systems and fail to ignore sunk costs. We set foundations in concrete instead of using a lightweight tent… In consistent times, there’s leverage to be found in investing in the status quo. But when we’re unsure about where the next shift is going to come from, perhaps investing in flexibility makes a bit more sense.

Attended the Coffee with Colleagues this morning.

Management Meeting. Finish vTiger Sales Workflow and see if Julie could manage the document portion. Discuss perk for Hailey (engagement present) and Matt. Takeaways from New Mexico, Google Classroom API and Canvas lack of interest with school districts.