Saturday, December 12, 2020

We started the day at the Oakland County Market. I was able to send Christmas cards to the Noah, Chloe, Finn and Charlie. I included $20-bills in the cards for fun.

Watched On Golden Pond

Sally and I watched On Golden Pond this evening.

We watched the Charlie Brown Christmas movie.

We watched the Christmas Candle. A pastor who’s suffered a personal loss accepts a position in a town that believes in a Christmas miracle candle, which he strives to abolish.

Got this text today to the guys from Mike Bard: Both Dr. Deraniyagala and I are happy with my toleration of the radiation treatments without many of the common side effects, and with the reduction of the tumor size. Twenty-two of the thirty-five planned proton radiation treatments have been completed, with the last still scheduled for New Years Eve. Further patience is required, since three months must pass before PET Scan results would be accurate in determining if any remaining mass is benign. No further radiation is anticipated. If cancerous cells are indicated by the PET Scan, Plan “B” would be implemented, involving an immunotherapy type of chemotherapy recently approved by the FDA in treating inoperable squamous cell carcinoma which do not totally respond to radiation. Only two more rounds of chemotherapy are presently scheduled for 12/16 and 12/23.